Blake Sheppard

coolest kid in school


During the summer i fish like 5 times a week all summer long so i fish a lot. Every time i go fishing i love it. When its winter i have to what till its summer again to fish because i do not like to ice fish because it takes to long to catch a fish and its to cold. I like to fish big lakes and rivers and ponds. I have been fishing all my life and this picture was the first time i caught a pike and it was pretty long to.
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Its my first year in a long time playing baseball. I really enjoy it a lot. I play second base and i think that is so fun and i am ready for the next game. I love batting except when i get hit with a ball and that herts a lot and a get hit a lot. I also love to run on the base and steel.
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I love to wrestle it is my favorite sport of all the sports I play. I have been wrestling for 7 years now and i'm an ok wrestler. In the mvl i got second place not to bad that was the picture below. I'm ready for wresting season to be back so I can wrestle again. I think it is so fun two win and i don't like to lose so I have to win. I think every year I wrestle i get a little better than the year before I think.
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I've hunted all my life now for deer,rabbit,squirl and birds. I love to hunt for animals when its season.When I get out in the woods to hunt I get so excited to just shoot some thing. I have about 4 guns to shoot I shot them all at some thing. I have a bunch of places to hunt at so I have lots of room.
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I love lots of animals but i love lizards the most. I used to have a lizard but then he died. I love lizard so much because there just little an cool. when I used to feed him it looked so funny and sweet. when he slept it was cool because it looked so weird.
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