Cuba R U What U Eat?

By Patrick Diamond, Leila Koochek, and Alex Rosenberg

Cuba's Flag

Cuba's flag was adopted June 25, 1848.

Population U.S. vs. Cuba

The United States has a way bigger population than Cuba. This is because it is a very big country compared to Cuba, which is about the size of Pennsylvania. That means that they do not need to have as much of a food supply for their country.

Average Life Expectancy U.S. vs. Cuba

The average life expectancy in Cuba and the United States are virtually the same age but Cuba edges the U.S. by two years. This is because there isn't as much fast food or types of junk food in Cuba.

Land Area U.S. vs. Cuba

The land area in the U.S. is very large compared to Cuba. This means that they can grow and mass-produce more food, giving them a bigger food supply.

Obesity In the U.S. vs Cuba

The United States has a higher obesity rate mainly due to the fact that a lot of people's eating habits include a large amount of fast food from restaurants that are proven to be very unhealthy.

Unemployment Rate U.S. vs. Cuba

In the U.S. the unemployment rate is nearly 5 percent higher than Cuba's. This results in the citizens that are unemployed in both Cuba and the U.S. to not have enough money to always eat healthy.