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Happenings In Panther Nation - January 2020

Over the last several years, my process of discovering my One Word has produced words such as:

Servant - 2014

Relationships - 2015

Committed - 2016

Brave - 2017

Impact - 2018

Love - 2019

This year as I contemplated the three questions:

What do I need?

What is in my way?

What needs to go?

It became evident that my direction would be different than the last six years. In the previous six years, my One Word had been centered on improving me so I could serve others at a different level, but this year, it appeared that the focus was shifting.

My time of reflection and searching ended much sooner than it has in the past, and my One Word for 2020 was obvious. It is a word that will lead me to focus on self-care and personal well-being more than any One Word I have had.

My One Word for 2020 is PEACE.

The first question that I reflected on, What do I need?, definitely could be answered with my One Word. While 2019 was a fantastic year, there was so much happening that I didn’t seek to find peace. With two failed bond proposals and the planning, meetings, and work associated with these campaigns, coupled with my personality, only caused me to work harder and shoulder much of the responsibility and accountability. An while that is all part of the job, I made it difficult for myself to find peace at the end of the day. And the reality is that my 2019 was void of peace.

The second question that I spent time on was, What is in my way? As I spent time alone, this was a straightforward question; it was ME. I was in my own way of finding peace. My reflection showed me that I kept trying to produce more, trying to create more, trying to bring people together quicker. I always thought if I worked harder and longer, more things would change, and I would discover what I was seeking.

And the last question, What needs to go? was a difficult question to deal with. It is always hard to participate in deep reflection and honestly evaluate the changes we need to make to move forward. I know I need to let go of my ego and eliminate the belief that I have to shoulder total responsibility for everything. I know that I must arrive at a point that allows me to accept the results even when they don’t meet/exceed my expectations. And most of all, I realize that God has a plan, and I must fully embrace that plan and let things work at His speed and capacity.

I am excited about the journey that PEACE is taking me on, and I look forward to the growth I will experience. Each One Word that I have had over the last six years has been perfect for me, and I know that 2020 will be the same!!

Please feel free to share your One Word with me, and if you feel comfortable, the story about how your One Word found you!


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School Board Update

During the January Board Meeting, the following items came before the School Board:

Christine Bedre presented an overview of the Impact Cycle. In the report, she focused on Phase III: Improve

Dr. Kyle Penn presented an overview of the 2019-2020 budget to date.

The School Board unanimously voted to call the School Board Election for Places 2, 5, and 6 on May 2, 2020.

The School Board and administration discussed Chapters 18-27 of The Energy Bus.

The School Board acknowledged professional contracts as presented.