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On sale for $12.99

Buy this jacket now in black!

Come to Bayside this june 22nd.

Monday, June 22nd, 2:15-4:30am

4960 Haygood Road

Virginia Beach, VA

This event will be taking place in the auditorium. It will have a catwalk and more. It will take place inside due to lighting reasons for the theme. Their will be free food fro the low low cost of $1.99 per plate. Their will be a entertainment section for little kids to run and play around at. The lights will be dim and the stage would have bright lights. The theme will be mysterious and will have special effects such as smoke, dark room, lights, and lights on the stage. Their will be segments where once a batch of models are done they will come back out and they do a pose at the end of the catwalk. Another segment is once all the models are done they will do dancing and rapping. Their will be multiple photographers for different angles of view. Their will at least be 3 photographers. These people will be a teacher, student, and yearbook editor. Their will be a raffle with prizes at the end of the show.