How to reduce water consumption

Making Buffalo Green

My problem

My problem is that it is possible to use up to much water and if we do we will have to use different resources that are expensive and harmful to the environment. My plan is to use all kinds of different and non harmful sources and use less water when we run things. And there is a problem when you or your neighbor leaves a faucet running, has a flooding toilet, or has a leaky faucet, it would all add up to a flood of water down the drain.

Buy the moast efficient faucets and toilets

When it's time to replace or add faucets or toilets, buying efficient models can make a huge difference. A good place to check is Green Seal, which has a brochure on water-saving fixtures.

Install timed fausets

Timed faucets auto-matically switch off after a few seconds, so worries disappear about forgetting to turn the water off.

Install aerators

They go inside faucets and reduce the water flow, but adds air, which keeps the pressure strong. From using areators, average house hold can save more than 500 gallons per year.