Rose-y Readers

Washington Rose English Language Arts-October 2012

What the Standards DO Value in Reading Comprehension...

“close, attentive reading”...”critical reading”... “reasoning and use of evidence”... “comprehend, evaluate, synthesize”... “understand precisely...question...assess the veracity” .... “cite specific evidence” ... “evaluate others’ point of view”... “reading independently and closely”...

These phrases are not in the common core...make text-to-self connections, access prior knowledge, explore personal response, relate to your own life...

What does this mean for Washington Rose?

Our first step will be to focus on guided reading:

1. Students must be able to work independently for sustained periods of time before guided reading can occur. Literacy centers provide purposeful learning activities while you work with individuals or small groups.

Literacy Centers:

Making The Most of Small Groups

Literacy Work Stations

Practice with Purpose

2. Use data (SRI and running records) to set groups.

3. Set a focus for your group and keep conference notes.

4. Adelphi America Reads/America Counts tutors will work with small groups during guided reading.

Response to Teacher Questions Below

Reading Block K-5

Fundations K-2

Pacing Guide
Based on the standard school calendar
Kindergarten: Beginning Unit 1, Week 5 (1 week)

Grade 1: Last week of Unit 2 (3-4 weeks)

Grade 2: Beginning Unit 1 ( 3 weeks)

Independent Reading

Independent Reading- Leveling Books

*Encourage your students to check out books 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction during Library each week.

*Have students purchase from Scholastic, Inc. which will earn you points and help you build a library.

*Level your library using:

Guided Reading

"The ultimate goal of guided reading is to help children learn how to use reading strategies successfully and independently." -Fountas and Pinnell

Guided reading students read a lot (K-2) and students talk a lot (2-5).

Make use of all StoryTown leveled readers. Reading more non-fiction text is BIG with Common Core. So incorporate the Science and Math leveled readers.

Stop by the Reading Lab to see what books we have available for your small groups.

Text Based Evidence

Require students this week to justify their thinking using the text. This requires understanding that extends beyond recalling facts. Push students to refer to the text by asking text dependent (thick) questions.

Ms. Iwuoha

ELA Curriculum Specialist, WR