Rebel Without a Cause

By: Austin Sinden


Plato is very catious, he makes sure that he stays away from Buzz and the other bullies.

He is sensitive because his parents left him and he is now mentally unstable.

Plato is clingy because he is looking for someone to be his parents, like he wants Jim to be the father figure to him.


The characters in the movie are all having trouble with their families. Plato's problem is that he is lonely because he does not have any parents. He tries to to look for someone to be the parent figure for him. He rebels by carrying a gun around and shooting at people that make him mad.

Lesson Learned?

I believe Plato has learned that carrying a gun around and shooting at people will not get him anywhere, just into trouble. He needs to realize that his parents are gone and that there is nothing he can do. He needs to get over the faact and he should start trying to be normal and make friends.

Symbolism - The Mansion

The mansion represents abandonment and loneliness. Plato's parents are gone and he does not have many friends which show that he is lonely. In a way, Plato has been abandoned because he has nobody that is there for him.


I think the theme of this movie is to show how parents need to be there for their children. They need to be supporting for their children in order for them to be successful. Parents need to step into the role of being a parent.

Group Question - What lessons about parenting did you learn from this film?

From this film I have learned that parents need to take charge in a positive way and actually be the parent. They need to be supporting to show the children that they are there for them while also showing love for them.