December in the Library

Fun all month long!

Going Beyond Books

We've had so much fun this month in the Library. We explored snowflakes by growing our very own in a jar and playing a snowflake matching game. We worked on math skills by playing Roll-A-Christmas Tree and worked on sensory development with free play on the felt wall. Overall, we learned that the Library is more than just books. It's about bringing the stories to life with a piece of felt or applying what we've learned about snowflake science to paper or pipe cleaners and water. I can't wait for the kids to see what I have in store for January!

Find AR books easily from home

Have you ever wondered about the AR level of your books at home? You can easily find out by going to and searching for the title, author, or isbn of any book. If it doesn't show up, it may not be an AR rated book.

Also, if your child would like to take an AR test on a book from home, please send the book in with him or her to help them when looking up their test.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions about Accelerated Reader.

New books just added to our collection

Librarian's Corner

One in six children who are not reading proficiently in third grade fail to graduate from high school on time, four times the rate for children with proficient third-grade reading skills.

( The Annie E. Casey Foundation )

That is one startling statistic that I recently learned in an interesting paper whose main focus was to link poverty and reading proficiency to high school graduation rates. However, the researchers found a startling number of students who no matter their economic background, if they were not reading proficiently in the third-grade, it correlated to not graduating from high school or taking longer than normal.

This is why your child's teacher and Peachtree Academy as a community stresses reading. The more your child reads, the more proficient they will become. They should read at least 20 minutes every day. You can support them by reading with your child or have your child read to you. You can set a timer and have everyone in the family read a book for 20 minutes. Another study shows that children who come from households where the parents are avid readers tend to be avid readers themselves and score higher on reading proficiency tests. However you decided to encourage reading, just do it. READ!