Please Stop Laughing at Me

Jodee Blanco



This book is an autobiography of Jodee Blanco's life through her school years. These years were middle and high school. Jodee was an outcast who was just trying to fit in with the other kids. This was nearly impossible for her because she would always help the underdogs. Things go worse when everyone think she is crazy. No matter what school she went where she went the terror would always find her even on her first days of school. Jodee Blanco had to fight for herself because no one else would. Her parents thought she was crazy and the doctors thought she was wierd.

Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco is a smart girl who likes to take care of the underdogs. She has trouble fitting in with the other kids because she thinks that what they do is wrong. Like how she defends Jason when their friends are bullying him because he is always crying that his parents are always fighting.


The conflict in this book is that Jodee has a really hard time fitting in with the other kids. She has tried to fit in, but she is always defending the underdogs. Her parents have tried to help by moving her to different schools different houses even taking her with a doctor but the problems always come back.


The theme of this book is to always think of what your are doing first, because you don't know how bad you could be hurting the other person.

Textual Evidence

One of my favorite parts of this book is when everyone is asking Jodee for forgiveness because of what they did to her. Like when AJ went up to her and asked her to forgive her for what they were doing to Jodee back in high school.

Book Review

For someone who doesn't like reading, I give this book a four because I really liked the book. But I feel that at some points it was getting to boring. I know not every part can be exciting but that is just the way I feel.