The Dead Sea

Facts about the Dead Sea

Interesting facts about the lowest elevation body of water on Earth

  • Almost 35% of the water in the dead sea is eroded mineral salt
  • People bob like corks in the water
  • fish are killed instantly because of the amount of salt
  • lowers about a foot each year
  • mentioned in the bible
  • 7 scrolls were found there
  • plate tectonics formed it

The Dead Sea

Have you ever heard of the Dead Sea, If you haven't lets find out?

The Dead sea is the lowest elevation with water on it ever in recorded history. If you go to the Dead sea it is actually looks like paradise compared to what it sounds like.

If you ever go to the Dead Sea you will find out that it is really hard to swim because there is so much salt that you bob like a cork in the water. The salt in the lake kills fish instantly because there is so much salt that the fish can't get any oxygen, Even though the name it is a lake.

The water is not deadly to humans because it is not enough to damage our skin to get to anywhere that it would harm us. Most people actually read in the lake because they can float.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Dead Sea

Pictures from the Dead Sea


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