Bill of Rights for 10 year olds

By: Andy Spann and Joey Voelkel

First Amendment

- That the government can not make a religion

- The government will protect your religion and will allow you to practice it freely

- The government can't tell you what to say or do

- The government has to allow you to protest if you want

Secound Amendment

- Protects people's right to have gun's

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Third Amendment

- Cant put soliders in home when a war is not going on

- If war is going on the soliders have to have permision from the goverment to keep army men there

Fourth Amendment

- Protects against police searching people for no reason

- Allows police to get okay from government to search some one

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Fifth Amendment

- No person can be forced to answer for a crime unless they have a grand jury ( a separate Jury to see if they need to go to court)

- Says that a person can not go to court twice for the same thing

- The government can not take a person's life liberty, or property without a reason

Sixth amendment

The person accused shall enjoy a speedy impartial trial

Seventh Amendment

- If there is law suits between two people or a group of people, the people can get a Jury if they want a Jury

Eighth Amendment

- Prevents the government from putting to big of fines on people

- Prevents the government from putting too big of a punishment on people

Ninth Amendment

- Says that there are more rights to people than on the constitution

Tenth Amendment

- Its up to the states and the people to decide the rights not directly given to the people