The typewriters

BY Ryan Marshall

It all Has a Start

This is one of the first typewriters every made in 1873. It was used to write letters and was way quicker than using a pen and quill.

This is The Malling-Hansen Writing Ball

I want one of these myself
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The Revolutionary typewriters

The typewriter was made for a faster way to make a letter or a paper and was used from 1868 to around 1970's so it lasted for 100 years. It came to an end in the 80's but today they are highly wanted by collectors. the coolest thing is a prototype was made in 1714 so if you really think about it they have been around for more than 200 years but the prototype was not considered a typewriter.the typewriters where the first thing to have the qwerty type pattern. these typewriters had there type pattern in the oxford dictionary it is called qwertyuiop.
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Christopher Latham Sholes

Christopher here made the first typewriter there in the picture it is called a Milwaukee newspaperman but he soon disowned it and even recommend that people did not get it and even stopped selling it. to be honest i would never do it i would always take the money.
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The last typewriters

This is one of the last typewriters produced when the final company called the Godrej and Boyce company shut it's doors for good when the demand became so little that there was no point in making them any more in 1985. if the computer was never invented the type writers would still be in use to day. but like i said some people are willing to pay Big money for working typewriters.


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