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What Are the Styles of Terrific Wedding Dress Photo?

Firstly, flowers field natural wind wedding ceremony. Nowadays, one of the most popular wedding photography is going out of the studio, to intimate contact with nature, while enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, wearing your own wedding dress and open back prom dresses to record your most happy time. Pure and fresh natural style of wedding photography, it is simple but elegant. The most natural naked makeup matched with the blue sky and white clouds. The real sense and the truth of the interactive, everything is so natural and so pure which likes the original throb of love. Such beautiful scenery makes you only want to case time at this second forever.

Secondly, it is the youthful personality wind. In the modern time, young people like to advocate individual character and go after the pursuit of self-style. People who were born in the 1980s, their requirements of wedding photography is more incline to the pursuit of individual character, different from the rest, wear their favorite wedding dresses, such as short bridesmaid dress, beach wedding dresses gowns, purple bridesmaids dresses and so on, the kind of youth personality style of wedding photos are more and more popular. Youth personality wind photos show the unique temperament of the new people, rich color in a painting and contrast. Its characterization has strong design feeling, the new couple can show their own true temperament and youthful vitality in the process of filming so as to capture the most real most extraordinary moment.

Thirdly, it is old silhouette wind restoring ancient way. Nowadays, vintage style is very popular in fashion; young people start to go after the pursuit of fashion, so they will not miss the opportunity to experience back in time. Chinese of western wedding photos style pays attention to hair style, jewelry, clothing and make-up style, the most importance among them is clothing, a charming bride also need a beautiful hot pink bridesmaid dresses. Taking wedding photos emphasis on light and shadow, the character of aesthetic feeling is better by weakening the light.

Fourthly, extremely luxurious European style. Wedding photo is not only just press the shutter, but also tells you that your new happy life will be coming. Classic atmosphere of European style, matching with your elegant wedding dress, such as royal blue bridesmaid dresses, both of these will make you more charming. A lot of brides like European style wedding photos very much, which make their dreams to be a princess come true.

Fifthly, beautiful romantic Korean wind. In the recent years, Korean dramas become more and more popular, the beautiful romantic story make many people move, which make people cannot help looking forward to such romantic love. To select the Korean style wedding photography to meet many brides’ Korean dramas dream and experience that kind of aestheticism the wedding dress of Korean style is a favorite type for more and more brides.

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