My personality type

By Lane Anders

Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Taken

I have a "Orange" personality type. This means that I love being with and around people. Also people with an orange personality need to be part of a group. In other words they need to just fit in. For people with an orange personality dealing with people is easy and were not judgmental. We love freedom and adventure and prefer to socialize with like- minded individuals.
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#1 Orange

  • Active
  • Enjoy, competition, and adventure
  • Learn best by doing hands on activities
  • Like people
  • Like being in groups
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#2 Gold

  • Responsible
  • organized
  • Focus's on neatness and order
  • Need to be useful
  • Desire positions and authority
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#3 Green

  • Very logical
  • They think before they do
  • They want to have a right answer for everything
  • They are innovators
  • They are intellectual