October News

Saints Forever!

October's Message

We are at the heart of the month of October! This month brings about so many reminders and messages to each of us.

First and foremost, October is the month of the Holy Rosary. We are reminded as Catholics of the importance of prayer and the power of the Rosary. What a gift the Rosary is to our lives and faith. It is a form of prayer that we share along side our Blessed Mother as we reflect on the life of Jesus and share our petitions to Jesus asking Mary to intercede for us. It allows us quiet time to be still and center ourselves on Jesus. There are many testimonies of the power of the Rosary in our times and lives. Our students pray the Rosary monthly over the intercom sharing their prayer petitions. We stop for a moment to come together to pray in a very special way. Our 4th grade students will be preparing a Living Rosary on the 27th of this month. This will initiate our Virgen Peregrina Apostolate for the family in our community. This is an opportunity for families to welcome the image of our Lady into their homes and pray. We are happy to share this once again.

The feast of St. Francis was celebrated this past week in numerous ways. St. Francis reminds us of the call for peace and our invitation to be instruments. We are called to be peacemakers in a world calling for unity and peace. St. Francis modeled complete trust and faith in God. He gave of himself to others in service and also to all of God's creation. He reminds of the importance of caring for Mother Earth and its creatures. St. Francis reminds us to give thanks to God for his marvelous creation. Our Little Saints and Montessori students were able to bring their special stuffed animal to school to share with a very special visitor , St. Francis, who was portrayed by one of our 6th graders, Rex Najera. Our 1st graders also carried out a service project collecting items for the Brownsville Animal Defense Center. They ended the week with a special prayer service.

This month brings about reminders and causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Unity Day, Red Ribbon Week to name a few. We will acknowledge each in a small and creative way to highlight the call to action, service for others, and making good choices. Engaging one another in these ways lights a fire in each of us to truly be helpful, make an impact in our families, communities sharing the light of Christ with others.

May we be guided to the call to service. Blessings in the month of October to all!

In Christ,

Mrs. Ana E. Gomez, M.Ed.

A Model of Service - Ms. Judy Faulk

Ms. Faulk for twenty-seven years has been a blessing to St. Mary's Catholic School. She has served the community as teacher, assistant principal, Principal and tutor in our Learning Center. She has always been a true model of love, care, compassion, complete service and humility.

This month, Ms. Faulk has announced her official retirement. As she shared, she treasures her time of service and the many students who have passed through the doors of our school. She has enjoyed seeing her past students reach levels of success and even return to our school as teachers and educational leaders. She treasures the opportunities to have guided students to know and love Jesus, support students so that they felt and knew that they were genuinely accepted and loved. She reminded us that St. Mary's Catholic School is a powerful force of good in the world and she is grateful for the opportunity to have played a small part in this honorable mission.

Ms. Faulk forever remains a part of our St. Mary's. She brought about many contributions to our school community in the areas of academics and touching the whole child with beginning special field trips such as Camp Eagle for our 6th graders, Conscience Discipline, and Capturing Kids Hearts. She encouraged academic competition in our annual Spelling Bee, Science Fairs, PSIA and organizing and creating Young Einsteins which we hope to bring back this year! Her contributions are numerous and all have made a forever impact on our community.

She will always be a big part of the heart of the school and all that we are. We thank her for her years of service and dedication. Her love remains with us always.

We look forward to celebrating Ms. Faulk in the near future as she begins a new chapter in her life. She will be no stranger as she definitely wants to return as a volunteer to support our community.

We extended our blessings to Ms. Faulk and remain united in faith and prayer.

Accreditation Visit this Month

We will be welcoming a team of educators to our campus on October 17th - October 20th. Every seven years Catholic schools in the state of Texas are accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops - Education Department (TCCBED) . The process is to support school advancement and student achievement. The team is made of a chairperson who comes from another Diocese in Texas and team members from our local diocese. Over the days of their visit, they will focus on the areas of Catholic Identity, Governance, Academics, Student Services and Plants and Facilities. The process is approved and authorized by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission ( TEPSAC).

Our school community has been working on a Self-Study over the last two years which has already been presented to TCCBED and the team. We welcome the team on our campus as they conduct their visit reviewing documents, visiting classrooms and conducting interviews. They will see St. Mary's in real time and validate all that was shared in the Self-Study and more.

We look forward to sharing the great things happening at St. Mary's and hearing their feedback and recommendations as we continue to move forward transforming Catholic education in Brownsville and continue the tradition of excellence.

The team will follow all health/safety protocols and expectations of our school during their visit.

We thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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Student Council Elections 2021

Student government is an essential part of our school community. The Student Council executive board, made up of 6th graders and class representatives (3rd-6th) become a unified voice in the school. They are elected by their peers to support all students, assist in building community, promote school spirit, service and model excellence. They must meet a criteria set by the Student Council to run for office and must maintain status to continue to serve.

We are very proud of the students as they displayed great enthusiasm, love for their school and willingness to serve. The campaign process was well organized and an exciting time for all. Students cast their votes electronically using Google Forms and were so excited to exercise their right and opportunity to vote. This was definitely a learning experience on the democratic process for all!

Students were sworn in after Mass this past Wednesday. We welcomed Paul Serafy, class of 1998, who did the honors of swearing in our students. Mr. Serafy reminded the students of their call to serve all and congratulated them for their courage in deciding to run for office. He reminded the students that as is stated in the famous Spiderman movies, " with power comes great responsibility" and went on to tell students that the quote connects directly with scripture and that Jesus is the ultimate example of leadership.

We congratulate all of our candidates and welcome our newly elected council.

Executive Board

President - Miranda Carpio

Vice President - Valentina Cruz

Secretary - Elisa Magallanes

Treasurer - Cesar Zendejas

Historian- Maria Jose Lavin

6th Grade Class Representatives

Christian Pirtle

Darek Rincon

Camila Garcia

Melissa Gilbert

5th Grade Class Representatives

Sofia Dietrich

Regina Garza

Fernanda Loya

Miguel Solis

Arturo Hinojosa

Massimo Melendrez

4th Grade Class Representatives

Harding Jones

Matthew Chacon

Jorge Magallanes

Annie Duran

Katherine Green

Yannina Tovar

3rd Grade Class Representatives

Maria Regina Cavazos

Renata Garza

Javier Balli

Manuel Martinez

Luis Emilio Carpio

Alejandro Martinez

We look forward to great work and a fruitful year!

1st Quarter Report Card Day and Conferences

The close of the first quarter will be Wednesday, October 13th. Report Card day will be following on Friday, October 22nd. The school will send home a hardcopy of the report card to parents for their review. Parents are to sign and return to their child's teachers. Students in Montessori - 6th grade will receive a report card. A kind reminder from the business office that all accounts must be up to date to receive report card. Please call if you have any questions.

Parents are always welcome to visit with their teacher via a phone conference, virtually or in-person. Parents may reach out to the teacher or the office to schedule. The school will host two days where parents will be able to conference with teachers from 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. to discuss First Quarter progress. This will be held on Wednesday, October 27th and Thursday, October 28th. More information will be forthcoming.

An Honor Roll Ceremony will also be planned for Tuesday, October 26th. Details will be included on the invitation given to students.

We congratulate our students and their teachers for their hard work, progress and achievement this First Quarter.

Spirit Week - A Message from our Counselor

During School Spirit Week, we celebrate making smart choices by participating in activities related to being kind, healthy, and proactive, by wearing school colors and competing in special spirit week activities. St. Mary’s Spirit Week is held during the last week of October to celebrate Red Ribbon, Unity Day/Bullying Prevention, kindness, and making healthy choices.

In the United States, we celebrate Red Ribbon since 1985, to affirm a commitment to live drug-free. We celebrate those who live without drugs as well as those who choose to leave drugs behind and live drug-free.

Unity Day is the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month and has been recognized in the United States since 2011. To participate in Unity Day, individuals, schools, communities, and businesses wear or share orange to unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion to prevent students from being bullied. At St. Mary’s we teach and promote kindness, as well as encouraging our students to be upstanders instead of bystanders when they are in the presence of words or actions that are not Christ-like.

It's estimated that the average person makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Each decision, of course, carries certain consequences with it that are both good and bad. We know and anticipate that our children will need to make important decisions in their lives, but also at every moment of the day when they make a decision to be kind, to be healthy, to be positive, to be thankful, etc… St. Mary’s guidance and counseling focuses on making students aware of their choices and encourages children to use the power within each of them to be a positive change in the world - no matter how old or where we are. Our choices begin in our thoughts and are reflected in our actions. At St. Mary’s we make the choice to be the good and the light of the world, by being Christ to one another.

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School Visit - Fragile Planet Wildlife Park

Fragile Planet Wildlife Park will be visiting St. Mary’s School on Wednesday, October 13th and will provide an educational animal show!

They are a zoological facility in Los Fresnos, Texas that educates students about animals from across the World who are currently visiting schools across the RGV and United States. They are not a messy petting zoo, they provide assemblies at schools that are very clean and organized. Their mobile educators travel around the United States offering 100% free, animal education programs to schools pre-K - 8th.

This school year they are working with schools to provide a unique COVID safe experience following all protocols during presentations.

This will be a wonderful experience for our teachers and students to learn about these animals and the importance of taking care of our environment and resources.

Their free program is funded by offering students the option to take a photo with one of their ambassador animals. These pictures are COMPLETELY optional, but if students would like to take a photo, they are $10. This fee helps sponsor continued programs for schools. Current ambassadors include a spectacled owl, sloth, Morelet’s crocodile, and more.

Order forms will be sent home with students on Tuesday, October 12th.

Coming soon! In Celebration of Kindness Day 11/13/21

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More Information coming soon!

Mark Your Calendars

10/11 - No Classes - Columbus Day!

Teacher Retreat and Workday

10/13 - Children's Liturgy @ 8:30 a.m. - Mrs. Gomez's 3rd Grade Class

Fragile Planet Wildlife Park Visit

End of the 1st Quarter

10/14 - Start of 2nd Quarter

10/15- Blue Jean Day - Pride t-shirts

10/16 - Monsignor's Birthday

10/17 - Welcome of Accreditation Team

10/18-10/20 - Accreditation Team Visit

10/20 - Children's Liturgy @ 8:30 a.m. - Mrs.Cazares 4th Grade Class

10/22- Pink Day - Supporting the fight to end Breast Cancer

Report Card Day

10/25-10/29 - Spirit Week

10/26- Honor Roll Ceremony

10/27-10/28 - Parent Teacher Conferences 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

10/27 - Living Rosary 4th Grade

10/31 - All Hallow's Eve - Halloween

Looking Ahead :

11/1 - All Saint's Day

11/2- All Soul's Day


We thank all of our families, teachers, students who continue to support as as we work to keep our school environment safe for all. We continue to monitor the continue to work through this pandemic in so many ways. We are in constant touch with our Diocese, local health officials in monitoring the situation.

Working during these times is a challenge with the constant changes that may occur. If and when we change protocols and procedures we will notify families immediately. The situation is constantly evolving and we remain hopeful for the future.

The following are reminders that are helpful to keep everyone safe:

1- Protect those who are not able to get vaccinated by wearing a mask.

2- Speak to health officials about vaccination if necessary.

3- Be aware of your surroundings when out and about, attending gatherings .... for possible exposure.

4- Out of country and state travel will require a quarantine. Please call the office for details.

5-If you child is sick do not send them to school. Seek assistance from your child's pediatrician if necessary.

6- Practice protocols at home.

7- Wash and santize hands throughout the day.

8- Continue to follow all school protocols.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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