African Immigration To Texas

By: Nate Fernandes

Period Three...Immigration Group: African Americans

African Push factors

Many Africans were forced to go to Texas as slaves with the first European explorers. (Before this though many came on expiditions to the new world)This was one of the main ways that African Americans got to Texas not by will but by being forced. Some were with the Spanish who were anti-slavery and they were given all rights just as a regular Spaniard would. Many Africans had the same reasons for other europeans for leaving some were in debt, some had nothing and needed a new start, some people were just looking for n adventure however there were not many of these "free" men. Africa was also a war torn country that was being colonized at the time by several different groups. This was called the scramble for Africa.When ever settling in Texas under Mexican/spanish rule slavery was not allowed so anglos that came in called them "indentured servants".

African Pull Factors

Many Africans came to Texas as slaves ,but there was new opportunity in Texas, such as mining agriculture, becoming a cowboy or rancher. most of the land in Texas had fertile soil and was untouched which made it even more viable for one to go there and leave Africa. There were so many different reasons because everyone came for a different reason, and

African Culture

Africa has lots of culture and tradition, mainly because it's made up of multiple countries. One main holiday is Africa day on may twenty-fifth, the point of it is to celebrate the african diversity and realize Africa as a unique culture to the rest of the world. Africa has many tropical foods such as plantains and also special dishes such Sadza which is a porridge like dish that is made with maze. One cultural tradition in Texas is Juneteenth when a Union general announced on June Nineteenth that all slaves in Texas were free, and people still celebrate Juneteenth to this day.


1. When ever slaves would be working through the long hours of the day the would start singing or chanting to help them get through the hard labour and sometimes they would even do to signal that a field boss was coming to check on them.

2. Robert Lemmons was an African American Rancher who needed more horses ,but the only ones he could find were wild mustangs which were near impossible to catch. So he followed a group of them around for weeks without bathing so he would lose his "human" smell and then he could naturally walk into the herd and not have them all run away. Next he led them all into an enclosed canyon on the shape of a box were tamed them.

3. Africa is the most central continent with both the equator and the Prime meridian crossing through it.

4. Four of the five fastest land animals live in Africa : the Cheetah, the Wildebeest, the Lion, and the Thompson's gazelle all of these animals can run over fifty mph 9

(the fifth one is the Pronghorn Antelope)

5. Black slaves in texas did not receive their freedom until eighteen sixty-five

African American affects on us

The African Americans made a big impact on Texas especially with the cotton industry and how they were used as slaves to promote Texas. Currently there are about three billion of them in Texas as of the DSHS 2012 poll. Many African Americans became ranchers or farmers and some even cowboys. this was (probably) a big help for Texans and African Americans to both rely on each other to help. Whenever they would become a cowboy or rancher they would pass on their traditions and change the image of cowboys. So even today you can see African influence everywhere whether it be tropical food like plantains or bananas imported from Africa.

Is Texas better of because of them?

I think Texas was better off in the time of slavery because they would help bring a little bit of money to Texas , I do not think it was the right way for Texas to use the African Americans though. Currently i don't think that African Americans do anything unique for us besides bring cultural ways and traditions into Texas, which i think we are benefitting from greatly (just not as much as in the 1700-1800s). Although there were the slaves who didn't exactly get along with their masters.



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