Marine Biologist

All About The Water Life

What they do

Marine biologists are people who study the underwater life. They study everything as big as whales to the tiniest plankton. Marine biologists work hard to rescue and study marine life. They are trying hard to save marine life from the pollution that we are putting into the ocean. Marine biologists also study ocean plants like corals and seaweeds. They learn if a certain plant is poisoned or not and learn what other types of plants could be used in medicines.

Save The Animals

What is hurting them

One of the things hurting our marine life is plastic. Every year billion of pounds of plastic goes into the ocean. This plastic can hurt the animals by suffocating them, getting the animals that need air stuck underwater, and a lot more ways. Another thing that is hurting our marine life is the oil that is being put in the ocean.Since most oils float, the creatures most affected by oil are animals like sea otters and seabirds that are found on the sea surface or on shorelines if the oil comes ashore. During most oil spills, seabirds are harmed and killed in greater numbers than other kinds of creatures. Sea otters can easily be harmed by oil, since their ability to stay warm depends on their fur remaining clean. If oil remains on a beach for a while, other creatures, such as snails, clams, and terrestrial animals may suffer.


Entry-level jobs in marine biology require at least a bachelor's degree in biology. A master's degree can equip you to attain higher-paying consulting, teaching or research jobs. A marine biology Ph.D. is needed for most marine biology-specific careers in independent research and college-level teaching. Just a bachelor's degree is typically required to apply to Ph.D. programs, though some people choose to earn their master's degrees and get some job experience first.

Language Of The Disciplines



Fish Detectors



Oxygen Tanks

Relate Over Time

In the past Marine biologists didn't have diving tanks.

In the future people might make a vaccines that lets you breath under water.

In the future Marine biologists my find Mermaids.

Multiple Perspective

Marine biologist think marine life is beautiful.

Fishermen think marine life is just money and food.

Help Them

Marine biologists are working are to save our marine life, so why can't we?
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