In and out of hospital/Doc, office health care provider.


My aunt is a p.a. (Physician assistant) and she always talks about these crazy patients that come into her office or crazy medical stories. Also I love and understand science. I've been interested in health care for a few months. I like the fact I would be helping someone and i would have a good medical knowledge and hopefully go on to being a doctor. Maybe a surgeon after that.

Lupita G.

she left mexico when she was 15 years old. At first she struggled with american culture but pushes through it and learned English within a year. After graduating she went out on her own and stared with simple jobs like waitress jobs to get through collage. through out her collage years people told her she sound just drop out cause she wont pass school. Also while in collage she volunteered with moms that just had babies for example helping moms with breast feeding. She got her undergrad in woman's health and then went on to become a r.n.

Some of my top jobs include:

Guaranteed to be different and heart racing every day!


How much more school do I have, after I become a nurse, to become a doctor?

What kind of interships will I need to do? How long will I have to do the internships?

Next steps

I'll find out how long I'll need to be a nurse to become a doctor.

Then see how much school and internships I'll have to do to become a doctor.

And the same research to become a surgeon.