Dustin's Plate Project

science project

continental drift

about 200 million years ago Pangaea started to break apart

it must have happened

if the continents were not together then how would animals like freshwater fish or any type of freshwater animal be on different continents years before people were around?

If the continents were always in the same spot then how would there be the same stuff on different continents?

seafloor spreading

Harry Hess came up with the idea of seafloor spreading

the subduction zone melts down the oceanic crust and makes magma out of it then it goes into the mid-ocean ridges and makes more oceanic crust

plate tectonics

a group of scientest made this idea

plates are huge chunks of rock or land. there are seven plates, all under the continents and oceans the places between plates are plate boundries, there are three types of them, convergent, divergent, and transforming