Week 5 - Discussion 1-

No Excuses University -- Assessment

: “Assessment is not about you as a teacher; it is about your students”

My views of this quote from Mr. Lopez is that he explains how important is for teachers to understand what and why assessments are important for students. I can relate to this quote because I have mentored educators and students throughout the years to become educators for young children. I have been working at Woodland Community College Child Development Center for 15 years and have learned that this quote is true. I have witness this first hand because my colleagues over the years had to learn how to assess young students to support developmental progress and levels. Lab students who are taking courses at the college to become Early Childhood Education are learning to become educators. With that said, these students are learning the importance of assessing young students. Mt colleagues and I are constantly reviewing and previewing on the California foundations and frameworks that align with the Desired Results Developmental Profile assessment.

“Defending our Assessment Practices”

I would have a staff meeting with my peers and colleagues to assure that we are developmental trained to work on the on the same page to Desired Results Developmental Profile assessment. The training is going over different development domains to collaborate with other educators. Furthermore, our staff will meet weekly to go over domains and measures to assure how to use the assessments. The staff collaboration can give professional growth to develop quality assessments to assess young students developmental levels.

In what ways have you succeeded/failed to make students your partner in assessment?

I have succeeded working with the Desired Results Developmental Profile assessment because I have collaborated with parents as I assess their young students. This partnership has made strides because the communication can help both educators and parents teach their children. The first thing to keep in mind is that educators need to bond with young students parents. This has not failed because I always remind our parents that they are the educators and we educators are the caregivers.