Some Proud Data Team Moments!

Meant to send this long ago, better late than never!


I have to say I'm so very proud of the risks the exploratory teachers took in video taping themselves then watching those videos in data team. With modeling as the focus, we gave feedback to each other and made plans to use that feedback in their classrooms. Kudos to you all!


The math team took time to really investigate ways to hook students into learning. They thought a lot about what they have to teach and what would engage students' curiosity. They also thought a lot about what the real point of the instruction was so they could hook the kids in the most effective manner. Well done!

Social Studies

The social studies team is looking deeply at the new state standards. Recently adopted by the state, they ask middle school to focus on inquiry. This has prompted all of us to look closely at what we already have and what we need to add. This is tough work, and I'm proud of their willingness to move forward despite obstacles!


The science data team has been working on the NGSS for about a year now, and they are still working on making their units more in line with those standards. They are also working on how they might help the elementary with implementing the NGSS. I'm so impressed with their willingness to continually ask themselves if what they are doing is making an impact on student learning.


Both 7th & 8th grade ELA teams have been working on integrating reading and writing since we began using Lucy Calkins Units of Study in Writing. I have to say they are very thoughtful in how they are connecting the two! So much so that I've been bragging on them with the elementary coaches as they began talking about integrating at their level!

Tiers 2 & 3

With the way we will be supporting students in the future in Tier 2 & 3, these teachers have stepped up to the plate to hit a home run for their kids! They know things will change how it is decided who enters Tier 2 and Tier 3 and they have taken on this change with a growth mindset! I'm so impressed with their willingness to do what is necessary for our kids to grow!!


I can't forget my gifted peeps! They have been working with our most advanced learners to keep them growing, and grow they did! The way these three teachers integrate topics for the students continues to amaze me. They are always asking, is this the best we can do for these kids? Thank you for that!


Like other data teams, PE had many ah-has when they worked on their understandings of the standards in ELA, Social Studies, Science & Math. They articulated many connections between what they do and those standards! Kudos to them for adding one more layer of connection with their own work!

I'm so Humbled!

I'm so humbled to be part of a school that takes student learning so very seriously. I know each and every one of us are here for the kids. We want what is best for them and we look for ways to improve for them.

Thank you all, for allowing me to join you on this journey!