Book Blurbs

Andrea Lopez


Seraphina is a regular girl. Except for the fact that she is inhuman. Man-made. Stronger than any other man, smarter than any other and much faster all among her many irregular abilities. A multi-trillion dollar science experiment for a company, Diotech. All her life, the wall surrounding her home, her purple eyes, perfect body, face and hair, everything was normal, until one day, a boy, Zen climbs over. Soon he's not just a boy, but the boy she loves. The problem is, her programming wasn't supposed to allow her to have feelings, much less fall in love. Zen teaches her feelings, emotions and everything as a regular person. As a walking dictionary, it was hard for Seraphina. And every time it was all for nothing when Diotech erases her memories. After many, many attempts, Seraphina and Zen finally escape to 1609, Even then they are in danger, accused of being a witch, sentenced to death, she is now in ancient files, making it easy for her to be found. With Zen sick from the transession gene, she gives in to Diotech in order for him to get the cure.

The Agency

When her mother and father died when she was eight, Mary, half chinese has to survive on stealing and housebreaking dressed as a boy. when she is caught, two women she knows nothing about rescue her from her hang.The women allow her to stay at their boarding school. When she is seventeen, she joins the agency, a company for women only to work as spies undercover when needed.