Amboy Middle School

March 2021

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Tuesday, March 23, and Thursday, March 25 will be early-release days for conferences. Students will be released at 11:10. All conferences will be via Zoom or over the phone. Watch for more information to come from your child(ren)'s teacher regarding scheduling a conference.


Reminder - all students, staff, volunteers, and building visitors must attest to their health upon entering any school building.

Before arriving at school, families will use the Qualtrics Application for attestation. Guardians will get an email or text message reminder to attest to their student's health.

  • The survey asks if they have any of the following symptoms: Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing? Fever (temperature of 100.4 or higher) or chills? Cough? Recent loss of taste or smell? Congestion? Sore throat? Muscle or body aches? Headache? Unusual fatigue? Nausea or vomiting? Diarrhea?
  • Additionally, the survey asks: Have you been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19? Told by a health or medical professional to self-monitor, self-isolate, or self-quarantine because of concerns about COVID-19 infection? Have a positive COVID-19 test for active virus in the past 10 days?

If any of these are checked, then they will get a message to stay home and contact their healthcare provider. If none are checked, they are cleared for school. The district is notified of anyone not "passing" the attestation.

If you do not receive the Qualtrics message, please click this link to attest to your student's health. Contact our office so that we can help determine why you are not receiving the message.

5th Grade Focus

Reading: We will be focusing on using evidence from a text to support answers, vocabulary building skills, and how to construct a written response.

Math: We will continue to add/subtract fractions and mixed numbers and to apply those skills to real-life problems.

Science: We are still on the Earth Systems unit and will move into the hydrosphere and atmosphere.

Language Arts: We are finishing up the Animal Papers with our conclusion paragraphs and putting the whole paper together.

Please remember you can't share supplies. Come with your notebooks, folder, Chromebooks (charged), headphones, a pencil box or pouch, and a snack.

6th grade summary

It was wonderful to see students back in the building for class. It's beginning to feel a little more normal.

On in-person days, be sure to bring a healthy snack or grab one of the free bagged breakfasts available after attestation.


Please remember that Asynchronous learning days last from 8:00 to 2:15 each day. It is important that you are engaged during your remote learning because it is directly related to what you have learned in your in-person class. Be sure to follow the schedule that has been set by your homeroom teacher. It is very important that you are engaged because you are working independently three days a week. A great amount of maturity and responsibility will be required to ensure success for the remainder of the school year.

Please be sure that each student has a work area that they can be productive. Often bed is not the best environment for learning.

Take advantage of the office hours and help time that your teacher has scheduled on Wednesdays.

  • Please encourage your student to use Study Island at home as much as possible. The program is aligned with Common Core standards in reading and math. The more students practice, the more success they will find in class.
  • Students are also encouraged to work on iReady individual pathway work. This can be accessed through Clever.

We are proud of the hard work that students have put forth the first half of the year!!

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MATH - Currently we are in the middle of Unit 5 - Rational Numbers. We will be finishing this unit up by the end of the month before getting into Expressions and Equations. Make sure students are coming prepared to class with a pencil, their math workbook, calculators, and their minds ready to multiply with positive and negative numbers.

ELA - In 7th grade, we're moving into literature analysis, studying authors, and focusing on specific genres. In February and March we will be reading O'Henry short stories and then will move into the Science Fiction genre.

SCIENCE - 7th-grade scientists are actually becoming biochemists and/or geneticists! Depending on when this letter reaches you, the DNA model may be recently assigned or it may be just about time to turn it in. We can't wait to see what the kids come up with this year. Every year there are a few super creative ideas that wow us! Also, please realize that I do not expect anyone to be spending money on DNA models - I did make this clear to students. Impressive models can be made with nothing more than heavy paper, wire, and a shoebox for a stand. I have told students that they can bring models to school when they are due, but if at all possible please have your child send a couple of pics that clearly show the key and the model. If 100 kids are bringing models to school it may create some social distancing challenges in the classroom containing the 100 models. After learning the structure of DNA we will learn how DNA replicates and makes proteins. Truly, we are our proteins! Then we'll learn about cell division and finally some genetics.

Thank you for all of the support you provide for students daily. We were very impressed by the number of kids that were Zooming without power or were Zooming within hours of having power restored after our Valentine's Weekend Snowstorm. Again, I thank you for your dedication to education and your creativity in making it happen!

HISTORY - Students are finishing up WWII studies from Chapter 5 in our textbook. In the next couple of weeks, we will be discussing Japanese Internment Camps in the Pacific Northwest. This will include an additional art project inspired by this time period. After that, we are moving into Chapter 6 - Post WWII.


Greetings and good health to you and your family!

Yeah, students are back! It has only been a few days, but we love having our students back. As one of my students put it, "It doesn't feel like we are in quarantine" when they can come to school for a couple of days.

Hybrid Needs: We have had some students with Chromebooks not charged. Please make sure they charge their Chromebooks every night so they are ready for the hybrid days. Some parents have asked about supplies. Since students cannot share anything during this time they will need their own supply of pencils, erasers, and their own pencil sharpeners (we cannot have our common shared sharpeners out). We may do some work with colored pencils, and I know some students like to trace their work with a fine thin Sharpie - these last two items are optional. If they had or have currently the art elective, they should have colored pencils already given to them.

Forecasting for High School: We are nearing the end of forecasting. This last week of February we have had students upload their freshman classes in Skyward. If your student hasn't created their freshman classes, please do so soon. All forecasting needs to be done by March 5. All directions and resources are in your student's ELA Google Classrooms, Amboy website, and Battle Ground High School website.

IS YOUR CHILD ATTENDING A DIFFERENT HIGH SCHOOL? If this is the case, please call or look at that high school's website about freshman scheduling and options for classes. It is a process, so we suggest you do this soon so your child has a chance to get the classes they want instead of waiting until August.

Washington State History Credit Recovery: Eighth grade History teachers have created a History Recovery type class for students who failed first semester. This focus will be on Washington State Governments on the state, tribal, and local levels plus citizen's responsibilities. We have set up a History Recovery Google Classroom where the assignments are located. We have the expectation that those students will attend our History homework help every Wednesday until they have completed their assignments. We will be sending out a letter to students/parents - watch for an email from us soon. All students will need to pass this second semester also in order to avoid having to take this class in high school.

March Conferences: Two days in March are set aside for parent conferences. We will contact those parents who we feel their student needs one. Our focus is passing History and Algebra classes.

HS Credit Via Challenge Exams

The option for students to earn high school credit in core courses and world language by passing challenge exams is now available to 8-12 grade students. This will take place in the month of May. High school credit can be earned by passing a challenge exam in Algebra 1, Geometry, English 9, English 10, Biology, and Washington State History. Students may also earn The Washington State Seal of Biliteracy and World Language Credit by passing the competency testing requirements. Students must register no later than April 16, 2021. Click here for more information.

Prairie High School 8th Grade Info

Any future Falcons out there? For 8th grade students who are planning to attend Prairie High School next year, this link is for you! Find out about 8th grade forecasting, how to do a boundary exception, and more.

Ms. Gatz's Gallery

pandemic ebt

Families that qualify for free and reduced meal benefits are eligible for Pandemic EBT

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT), or Pandemic EBT, is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) program developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program provides food benefits to eligible families in order to replace meals that students would have received if not for disruptions to in-person instruction or school facility closures.

There is no need to apply for the P-EBT program. Eligible families (those that qualify for the free and reduced meal program) will receive their benefits cards in the mail this March. If you qualify, please be sure your mailing address is up to date in Skyward. Once logged in, you can submit a request to update your contact information. You can also contact the office at your child(ren)'s school for assistance.

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