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Who Am I?

What is good My Little Bronies and Pegasisters! Its ya boi, Prince Iron Tempest here to show you guys my Fanbase/Fanpage, whatever you wanna call it! XD This is what I know so far about MLP and my opinion about teh Mane 6. I dont care about my typo's its what I do for a living! Anyways, I hope you guys like my fanbase so far, its still a work in progress, so have fun at My Little Fanbase: MLP is Awesome!

What are bronies and what do they do?

Bronies are guys who love the kid show, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and what they do is watch the show and admire of how the show looks like. Being a brony is an honor because all we do is make our own characters "OC" and play as them. Most bronies like I have made OCs for our own entertainment and how we play as them (known as Roleplaying). All bronies I know do Youtube Channels, Facebook Pages, and other cool things. All we do is debate on whos their favorite character is on the show while on online gaming like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and other games. There are also Pegasisters (girl version of Bronies). They basically do the same thing as Bronies do. There are many types of Bronies and Pegasisters, like artists, music developers, gamers, and other types too!

Who are the main Characters of the show?

Fluttershy - The shyest of the Mane 6, she is the element of kindness and is extremely shy of seeing new ponies.

Rainbow Dash - The most loyal of the Mane 6. Element of loyalty, and Rainbow Dash is a future Wonderbolt. Her dream was to be in the Wonterbolt Accademy ever since she was little.

Apple Jack - Cowgirl pony who works in a ranch with her family, the Apples. Element of Honesty. If she has to be honest, then she will be BRUTALLY honest to the point. Applejack always thinks positive towards her friends.

Twilight Sparkle - The Leader of the Mane 6, the smartest of all Equestria. Element of Harmony. Twilight is the most brightest one of all, she always finds a way to help out with her friends at the time of need.

Rarity - Raity is one of the most generous ponies in all of Equestria. Element of Generosity, and she is a famous Fashionanista. She can make anything look like its brand new and the fabric she makes it is exquisite. Sometimes her generosity can be too much of a reward at times, but she is a great friends when It comes to the Mane 6.

Pinkie Pie - Pinkie Pie always loves to have parties everyday, 24/7/365. Element of Laughter. She always has something in her mind to cheer up her friends in need for a laugh or a smile across their faces. She is the most brightest of the Mane 6 and basically doesnt take "No" for an answer. Be careful not to make her on her bad side before you meet Pinkamena Diane Pie (alt. Pinkie Pie, evil version).

OCs (Original Character)

What OCs are is basically your own made up character for MLP. You can name your pony (AKA mare, stallion, unisex, dragon, your choice) and see how your character looks like. Almost all Bronies and Pegasisters have OCs. Now, what your OC does is up to you. He or she may be an artist, a DJ, anything for what you can do.


My OC is Prince Iron Tempest aka DJ F1uffy. As you can see, he is a Prince with some music talent. When he was little, he was abandoned by his Royal Family because of what he did by not being loyal back to his family. He has been living in the Everfree forest from 5 - 8 years old. He was then found by a couple who was wondering why he was here in the forest. The couple took him to their house and he has been living there unti he was about 17 - 18 years old. Prince Iron then took his place back as Prince in his own castle he had built by his self along with some help of his friends. He then met Vinyl Scratch at a concert and asked her if she could help him with some music he was making for his fiance aka future wife, Temper. She agreed to it and they have been close friends ever since that day. A few weeks later, he was getting the hang of taking Vinyl's advice and hosted a concert celebrating his Proposal. He then finally got his cutie mark of becoming a DJ. He was named DJ F1uffy because of how he is leader of an Elite Group called: The Fluff Army. He then went to the Army with Temper the day of their Marraige to celebrate. Then, he and his squad was assigned to be the protectors of Equestria: Equestria's Last Hope, ever since they were granted the powers of the Gods: Immortality by the Goddesses of Equestria, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. And thats how Prince Iron came to be, so he can be the protector of Equestria along with the Goddesses and his Squad/Army.

Prince's Cutie Mark