LC USM (EC) MaC.gazine#2

August 2014


Hey MarCommers!!

Today is 1st of August and it means that we have started our terms for 1 month exactly!



[Team Progress]

Currently LC USMEC working on monthly internal newsletter and also planning for quarterly alumni newsletter.

Besides, we are collecting testimonials and will start to do AIESEC EXPERIENCE story in LC USM for MRD.

We also discussing on MRD strategies in our LC USMEC!!


Now LC USMEC is trying out for another platform (Trello) rather than Podio for project management. We will use Trello to manage our project first before we able to establish Podio in LC USM EC.


oGCDP : Ra-10 Ma-0 Re-0

MRD : Reach out-400


When will "Young Leaders" initiative confirm? We need to know the answer because we started to do our MRD preparation.


Thanks Ming Yu for the virtual meeting with us on "Young Leaders" topic! She almost vomit blood when she was discussing the topic with us (joking..xDD).. Looking forward for the next virtual meeting with Jayson and Ming Yu as well as all the MarCommers!