Welcome to the Shimek Library

December 2015

Thank you!

Thanks to the generous support of the Fall Book Fair from the students, parents, and teachers, the library was able to purchase many new books. Thank you to the many families who purchased books for the classrooms, too!

A special thank you to the Brozene family and all of the volunteers who helped to set up, run, and tear down the book fair! We couldn't do it without you!

One Book Two Book Writing Guidelines Link

Students in grades 1-8 are encouraged to submit one page of writing for the 2016 One Book Two Book festival. This can be anything: story, essay, poem, song lyric, graphic novel, etc. Click the header to download detailed information.

Library Learning

Kindergarten: We finished up our unit on ways to read a book. Now we are starting an author study on Laura Numeroff, writer of the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series. We are learning about circle stories and having lots of fun. Laura Numeroff has an entertaining website at http://www.mousecookiebooks.com/indexSite.html

In the computer lab, the students continue to practice manipulating the mouse. This week we decorated virtual gingerbread houses at http://www.jennybharris.com/activities/home/sweethome.htm The students loved it!

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First Grade: We are studying the difference between fantasy fiction and realistic fiction in this year's Goldfinch books. The students are very adept at figuring out if a book could really happen or if it is imaginary. Goldfinch books are carefully picked each year by the Iowa Association of School Librarians for grades K-3.
Second Grade: The second graders are studying how to tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction books. We are comparing Goldfinch books (which are all fiction this year) with counterparts that are nonfiction. The students are learning quickly!
Third and Fourth Grade: The students are finishing up their study of Grace Lin's novel The Year of the Dog. We have learned about many aspects of the Taiwanese culture and have become budding artists, too.

We are now reviewing the organization of the library, call numbers, and how to use the electronic card catalog.

Fifth and Sixth Grade: The students presented their Google Slides All About Me to their classes, and we all learned fascinating facts about one another. I was impressed with the quality and variety of the presentations!

We are now beginning a study of plagiarism (5th) and finding and using reliable sources (6th).

What Shimek Students are Reading

Shimek students checked out 3387 books in the past month. Fiction books are most popular, followed closely by Everybody books. Nonfiction books are also very popular.
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The most popular titles right now are:

Don't Forget Your Library Check Out Day

Tuesday: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades

Wednesday: Muhlenbruch's class, 5th, and 6th grades

Thursday: Kalsem's class, 4th grades

Let us know if you need any assistance. We are here to help the students love to read!

Linda Johnson, librarian

Peggy Fitzgerald, secretary