Rooftop by Paul Volponi

Joe Esquivel

Main Characters

There are multiple characters in the book Rooftop, but the main character and also the protagonist of this book is called Clay. He is an African-American teenager that is attending a school called Daytop, which has students that have had problems with drugs. He is a nice kid who wishes to help his cousin, Addison, with his drug problems. He reminds me of my uncle because when his cousin was a drug dealer, he managed to give him enough advice to make him stop and get an actual job.

The antagonist of this book would be Addison's choices. He is also a teenage African-American attending Daytop. His choices are the antagonist of this book because he chooses to drug deal which is the opposite of what he's supposed to achieve while attending Daytop. This character reminds me of my dad's old friend because when he was younger, he would drug deal in which got him into trouble.

Protagonist's Problem?

Clay's problem in the beginning of the story is him trying to help his cousin, Addison, avoid getting into trouble by his drug supplier.

Protagonist's Memorable Moment

The protagonist, Clay, had a memorable moment when he first saw Addison walking into his class after so many years without seeing him after Addison's mother forbidden him from talking to Clay.

Protagonist Important Action

Clay's important action would be to stay off of drugs, which is the reason he is attending Daytop. Staying off of drugs will help him achieve his goal by staying clean and following Daytop's rules.

Antagonist's Problem

The antagonist's, Addison's, problem in the beginning is that he is having trouble staying away and selling drugs.

Antagonist's Memorable Moment

Addison had a memorable moment after he saw Clay in class after so many years. Ever since he was forbidden from talking to him by his mother.

Antagonist's Important Action

Addison's important action would be to stop dealing drugs. This will help him achieve his goal by following Daytop's rules and will also solve his problem with him always getting into trouble.

Other Characters' Perspective on Main Characters

Addison(antagonist) views his cousin Clay(protagonist) as a good kid, who stays away from drugs, and follows Daytop's rules.

In the other hand, Clay does not view Addison the same way. Clay views Addison as someone who needs help getting away from drug dealing.

Main Characters on Other Characters

The protagonist of this book views Bell, a student at Daytop, as a trouble maker who does not care about his future. The protagonist dislikes Bell because he is a bad influence to everyone he meets.

The antagonist views Clorox, a new student at Daytop and Addison's old friend, as someone who takes pride in gang. Even though Clorox is not a good kid, Addison still admires him because he puts his gang before anyone, even himself.

My Impressions of Protagonist Character

One thing I like most about the protagonist is that he stays away from trouble. I like this because it shows that he cares about his future. One thing I dislike about the protagonist is that he is shy. I dislike this because he could be easily persuaded to do bad things. I would say this character is like me because I care about the choices I make that will reflect my future.

My Impressions of the Antagonist Character

One thing I like about the antagonist is that he cares for his family. I like this because he would never do anything, such as selling drugs to his family, to hurt his cousin, Clay. One thing I dislike about the antagonist is the fact that he is a drug dealer. I dislike this because he is throwing his life away by doing it. I would say this character is somewhat like me, not because he drug deals but because he cares about his family.