Advantages of Medical Cannabis

Edward Sattler

Advantages of Medical Cannabis from the Powerful Treatment for Glaucoma

The world famous medical cannabis continues to be fighting for a place within the list of authorized medications nearly all across the globe. The civilized society is merely capable of seeing the darker side and closes its eyes as soon as beneficial outcomes of medical marijuana in an attempt to legalize its sale and delivery is made. Consult individuals who have benefited after making use of marijuana edibles and weed edibles to cure them of conditions that even reliable synthetic drugs on this planet haven't been able to cure. One such problem is Glaucoma.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an issue which impacts the eyes of a individual. The optic nerves become damaged over time. That is a condition which once sets in the eyes of a person lead to permanent injury inside the vision of the affected eye. Glaucoma doesn't snatch vision overnight; it's a gradual process consequently the name "silent thief of sight" has been related to Glaucoma.

Medicinal Marijuana as a good solution for Glaucoma

Glaucoma arises because of IOP or even intraocular pressure which usually damages the actual optic nerve. The only method to treat or even prevent Glaucoma has been inferred to be the lowering of IOP. Glaucoma come in various forms and the therapy can vary from medicines to surgical procedures. A few studies dating back to the 70's advise that IOP may be reduced with the aid of medicinal marijuana over time. Medical Cannabis and also Marijuana goods have already been recognized to lower the IOP level within individuals that is a major cause of Glaucoma. Medical Cannabis contains THC which is the useful ingredient that keeps IOP level low.

The downs of using medical marijuana for treating Glaucoma

Of course you'll find disadvantages also while using Medicinal marijuana for Glaucoma. The positive effects of medicinal marijuana remain for 3-4 hours after smoking or having it orally however to ensure that you get rid of Glaucoma the therapy should extend to more than 10-12 hours per day. Having medical marijuana or marijuana edibles or even weed edibles for such a long time will make you dizzy and you are not able to carry out straightforward tasks of driving or functions which need a co-ordination of your motor senses.

Research is the key to develop remedy from Medical Cannabis

There are some studies which are ongoing to make sure that the THC derived from medical marijuana is taken out in perfect amounts and induced into medications which can be produced for Glaucoma. People who have been regular with medicinal marijuana although in small volumes frequently have shown less signs of Glaucoma.

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