Reducing Insurance Risk for Teens

By Skylar Todd

Tips for Teens

  • Complete an approved driver training course as soon as you can!
  • Work with your parents to set up guidelines/terms that you both can agree to for using the car
  • Keep grades up! Insurance companies will usually give you a discount for maintaining an overall B or better average
  • Set a good example for passengers. Always wear your seat belt, avoid speeding, and do not drive recklessly

More Savings

  • Reduce the number of passengers you have. The higher number of people in the car increases the chance of a car crash
  • Have your parents start getting quotes at least six weeks before you are added to their auto insurance policy
  • If you attend a school that is over 100 miles away, your parents may be able to receive a discount
  • Avoid high performance/sports cars; they are more expensive to repair

Be safe if you want to save (on insurance)!