The Draft

The draft and the facts

What is the draft and why use it?

The draft is a lottery to choose men to go to war. The draft is a wheel of 366 blue bottles with men's birth dates inside of each one but they only drew 195 of them. Now you may ask why did you have to go by draft, so here is your answer why you had to go by draft. People had to go by draft because they knew many people would choose not to go to the draft by choice so they had the draft.

How would they choose?

You may ask how did they choose the birth dates? They chose the birth dates from men that were born from the 1944-1950.

The fun facts

The Resist

Resisting the draft

Many people were drafted yet many figured out a way to get out of it. The ways that they got out with was to pretend that they had health problems or binge on sugar to fake diabetes. The penalty if they got caught was 10 years of prison and a 10,000 dollar fine.