E-Readers in the Classroom

How to use them in the classroom for instruction

How could it be used for whole-class instruction?

E-readers are a great tool to use in the classroom for reading time. Learning vocabulary is an exiting part of learning, especially for children. Utilize them by reading to students out loud and ask vocabulary questions throughout the reading for fun learning!

How could it be used for small-group instruction?

Children like to engage in small groups which not only helps with socialization, but they can also ask each other questions as they read stories utilizing their e-readers. Technology is something exciting, so getting students to use e-readers instead of books can bring enthusiasm and variety into groups.

How could it be used for individual instruction?

The advantage of e-readers is that they are easy to navigate by simply following instructions. When a teacher gives individual assignments, the students have to pay attention to get to where the teacher is instructing them to go. When given individual vocabulary assignments, students can look up the definition of the words using their e-readers without having to interrupt anybody else. They will be engaged all throughout by exploring the e-reader and looking for answers.

How could it be used for remedial or challenge students?

E-readers allow for a person to learn at their own pace and allows pausing to ask questions. For students who have a condition and are easily distracted or get bored by reading a paperback book, this is a great option to keep them engaged and focused on the material. E-readers bring something different which intrigues every mind. Trips to the library are lessened which gives more instruction and learning time.
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