who am i without him ?

Sharon G. Flake


why i picked this book is because i like books that have relationships in it. also this book is very interesting and it was recommended to me. i personally picked it because it teaches you a lesson .


in this book there is alot of little storys .But im am going to talk about 2 that i really liked . In this story Girl didnt i say i dont write letters? she has to do a writing project where Devita has to write to Jaquel . Devita likes Jaquel but at first he does not like her back . Then more at the end he starts to like her.

In the other story So i aint no good girl this girls boyfriend raheem . Many girl like him and she gets jealous . then raheem ends up leaving her for this other girl. She gets very upset and he just moves on.




I liked this book because i like books about relationships. The story's were very interseting. I really liked this book.


i recommend this book to people that like relaionships . Also if you like poatry and short story's