Socialism is Taking Over

Political ad depicts the socialism party and it's pros

After seeing the democratic and Republican parties dominate the politcal party race for a while, the Socialist Party of America has decided to spread the word and bring a rise in socialists around the country.
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The Socialist Party's main goal is to abolish every form of domination and exploitation of society due to social status gender, race, education, sexuality and many other reasons people are discriminated. We believe that the people should be able to have the same opportunities. We have made it our sole purpose to transform todays society into a society based on compassion, empathy, and respect and would also like to develop a new social structure. Members of the community shall be able to take care of their communities and and be able to control the production and distribution of goods and services. We would like you to come and help us out.

Why choose socialism over other ideologies?

We have made it our sole purpose to help every person, regardless of their position in life, become better and have better lifestyles. Unlike conservatism, our people shall be allowed to be who and what they want to be without being discriminated by people. Women will be treated as equally as men and their will be no lower, middle, or upper class, allowing every person the opportunity to have the same life.

What will the socialist party do to help the environment?

Climate change is man made. Man has created global warming and now it's our job to fix it. We have decided that if and when we are elected, the government will instill stricter laws to help protect the environment. Republicans believe in drilling and fracking; but we don't. We believe that there are many different alternatives for energy and we will make it our mission to stop using fossil fuels and start using renewable energy.
We support same sex marriage. Just as man and woman are allowed to be together, we believe man and man or woman and woman can be together. Stop allowing conservatives to discriminate people based on their sexuality or their gender!

Peace, love, and the pursuit of happiness

Wars just put us into more debt and spreads hatred. Bring back the troops! No more need for this unnecessary war. Use that money into better things!

Socialist get together

Friday, Oct. 14th, 3pm

903 Trollinger Road

Graham, NC

Come support us and spread the word of socialism!


Many people will say that our party allows too much freedom.. There is no such thing! People should have the right to be as happy as they want and have the same opportunities as each other. Vote for us to govern the USA and we will make sure that every persons needs are met!