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ethical trends make a business more popular and a better reputation, which makes customers/clients want to come in. ways that businesses use ethical trends are when buying resources they get them from a local area. they also may use more eco-friendly power sources for example solar power or wind power. another way a business can be more ethical is by paying staff a good amount. they may use low energy lights aswell so they are using less electricity. Rossett school is an ethical business as it uses energy saving bulbs in the sport hall building. velvet a very eco friendly company as when they cut down a tree they build three more trees. ethical trends also includes companies paying staff a reasonable wage, having a fair amount of time of for holidays also reasonable working hours and also maternity leave. for example with rossett high school when a teacher becomes pregnant they get 52 weeks maternity leave plus they still get paid.

environmental trends

it has become more of trend for businesses to be more environmentally friendly. why businesses are becoming more environmentally friendly because it will help there business look better as they are helping the environment. velvet are very good company for being environmentally friendly, because once they cut down one tree they plant three more the reason why they do this is because the more trees we cut down the more it will effect animal habitats also it would also cause soil erosion which means we wont be able to plant anymore trees in the future. Rossett school is also environmentally friendly as they use energy saving lights. rossett also use solar panels on the main part of the building to save energy and they have these to use less lights and to save energy.Carbon footprint- this can affect the environment because with cars, buses and planes using a lot of fuel its letting out CO2 which is adding to global warming. Companies can reduce the amount of CO2 that they are using by ordering there products from a close location so there isnt much traveling involved so that then can reduce the amount of CO2 that is been let out. some environmental trends can be good for a business because it can save the business or company money.

social trends

As the population has gotten bigger, there are more people wanting jobs. Once people have gotten the jobs they want there aim is to get a higher wage. As more and more people are getting employed the demand for jobs is getting higher. Also as the life expectancy is increasing it means that there is more people who are wanting jobs so there are more people who are available to work. As there are more people wanting to work this is helping business’s because they will be able to hire more people and this means that they can expand there business across the country.

technology trends

As technology is progressing and is getting better more people are starting to use it more, this is causing a lot of shops to start losing business. This is also reducing the need of cashiers which is then leading to unemployment.

There are a lot more home deliveries because there are more people that are shopping online, this is useful for people who don’t have the time to go shopping. Home delivery is also very easy for the drivers as they have satnavs to locate where they are going, this means that the delivery service is a lot faster as they wont be getting lost, it also a new source of technology. A lot more business’s today have websites and apps, meaning that there is easier access and a faster way of shopping online, this is also another reason for unemployment as there are so many easier ways to get your essentials without leaving your house. As more and more people are using online shopping this means that high street shops are becoming less busy, this could lead to them shutting down.