First Grade

Hello Parents!

As you know from one of the many school wide reminders, tomorrow is noon dismissal with no lunch provided and no GAP. However, please feel free to send a sandwich and a healthy snack with your child if you would like to. They are usually asking for lunch by 9am, so as you can imagine, noon is a long wait! We will be busy with testing tomorrow, but should be finished in time to have a snack / light lunch before dismissal. (No microwave, no messy items. Sandwich preferably)

Also, while on the subject, I would like to mention that several students are bringing candy / sugar type items for their snack time or no snack at all. I know kids can be picky, but my eyes will light up with joy if they all start bringing in fruit, yogurt, nuts...granola bars...etc! BRAIN food!!

Students who are not bringing a snack are often asking other students to share and it's hard for them to watch others eat without wanting a snack too! Please try to send a healthy snack each day.

Sugar affects their ability to perform well and affects their behavior.

In honor of this request, I have included the video for Disco Brain for your enjoyment!

Thanks for everything you do! I hope to see you all at the Gala!

Disco brain GoNoodle