Orana Catholic Primary School

Week 3, Term 1, 2020



Generosity is giving and sharing. It is giving freely.

It is seeing a chance to give what you have and then giving just for the joy of giving.


All praise to you, Lord Jesus,

Bless the members of our school community.

Give us light & strength, and courage when our task is difficult.

Let your spirit fill us with love and peace.

All glory and praise are yours, Lord Jesus, For ever and ever.


From the Principal

We are at the end of another busy but productive week. Students found their groove with the new routines and have settled into their learning environments with relative ease. The week that was, which we feature each week, provides wonderful insights into the good work of the staff and students in our school.


School fees were emailed to families yesterday, February 20. Your assistance in ensuring the requested payment plan is returned to school, no later than March 6, would be appreciated. Families who have not received their statement are asked to contact our Finance Officer, Mrs Fissioli, at finance@orana.wa.edu.au. Orana relies on its families to make their school fee payments in a timely manner to allow us to meet our financial obligations. If there are families experiencing financial hardship, please contact the office to make an appointment to meet with me to discuss what assistance may be required.


A reminder that on Saturday, March 7 at 6.30pm and Sunday, March 8 at 10.30 am we will be celebrating special enrolment masses for students receiving Sacraments in 2020 . If your child in Years 3, 4 or 6 will be receiving the Sacrament of Penance, Communion or Confirmation, you need to attend one of the two masses on this weekend to commit to preparing for the Sacrament later in the year.

From Mrs Warburton

Parents and kids alike love sports, and it's easy to get caught up in a game and become focused on winning. Yet there is much more to be gained from the sports experience than a winning record. When children and teens are involved in sports, they are able to learn and put into practice values that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Read more here

Calling all ex-students and families of Orana

It is time to spread the news - share through social media platforms - the announcement that Orana is turning 40! The details for the celebration are:

Orana Reunion, Saturday 28 March. Starting at 1.00pm, show at 2pm, closes at 4pm. There will be music, food trucks, photo booth, planting and lots more fun.

Would love our current parents who were here as students to help us bring as many together as possible for our big day.

The Week that Was!


From our Parish of Sts John & Paul

Project Compassion Sunday 23rd February Please take home a Project Compassion box and/or a set of donation envelopes and support Caritas Australia this Lenten season themed “Go Further Together”. As Teresa of Calcutta said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things, with great love.” You will be helping empower our world’s most vulnerable communities to grow stronger and share their strengths with their communities to lift themselves out of poverty. When we Go Further Together in love and compassion, the whole world thrives. You can donate through Parish boxes and envelopes, or by visiting www.caritas.org.au/projectcompassion or phoning 1800 024 413.

Positive Parenting Workshop

Friday, Feb. 28th, 9:30am

Orana Catholic Primary School, Willetton WA, Australia

Willetton, WA

After assembly in the Library

RSVPs are enabled for this event.