19th Century Factories

workers and conditions.. By: Lance Hayward

Bad for Public Safety

"The American Institute of Social Service tells us that 536,165 Americans were killed or maimed every year in American Industry." Scavengers had to crawl under machinery to pick up loose scraps of cotton or wool. This was very dangerous . Some kids lost fingers and limbs.
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Takes A Toll On Your Body

Children started working in the mill at age 5 or 6 shifts often lasted for over 12 hours and standing up for this length of time left children with rickets (bowed legs), fallen arches (flat feet) and bad backs.s from around the ages of 5 or 6. At the turn of the century it took an annual income of at least $600 to live comfortably but the average worker made between $400 and $500 per year. If you are always struggling to survive you must be low on food and if your shifts are so long you will be low on energy so you might get careless while your working.
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