Toronto Blue Jays

By: Patrick Hudson

What is Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are a MLB (Major League Baseball) baseball team. It's not just a baseball team. It's a Canadian baseball team. In Canada the most popular sport is Hockey. The Blue Jays were established in 1977. Surprisingly the Toronto Blue Jays were the first MLB baseball team that attracted four million fans in there stadium in one year. In 1989 the Blue Jays built a new baseball field called the Sky Dome. The Sky Dome later in 1989 got a retractable roof.

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Seasons

On April 7, 1977 the Blue Jays played there first game against the Chicago White Sox. The Blue Jays surprisingly the Blue Jays won there first game 9-5! The Blue Jays didn't do to well there first or second season. There first season they lost 107 out of 162 games. The second season they didn't do to well either they lost 102 out of 162 games. The third season they did worse. They only won 53 games which means they lost 109 out of 162 games. In the 1980 season they did way better! they only lost 95 put of 162 games led by John May's 30 homerun season. In the 1981 season they went 37 wins and 69 losses. The jays had a 50 game suspension due to a player strike. In the 1982 season they hired a new manager Bobby Cox. the lost only 84 out of 162 games in 982. In the 1983 season they had there first winning record they only lost 73 games out of 162 games they came in fourth place. The Blue Jays had the same record in 1984 led by Dave Steib and new shortstop Tony Fernandez and good hitter George Bell the Jays came in second. He was the second most winning pitcher in the league in the 1980's. In the 1985 season Bobby Cox left for the Atlanta Braves. The Toronto Blue Jays didn't need him because they set a franchise record only loosing 63 games out of 162 games. The biggest thing they won in 1986 was a World Series ( best team that year). They only lost 76 games out out of 162 games. In the 1987 season the lost 66 out of 162 games barely behind the Detroit Tigers. In the 1989 season they tied for third with loosing only 76 out of 162 games led by Fred McGriff hitting 34 homeruns. In 1989 the Blue Jays fired manager Jimmy Williams for Cito Gaston. Overall in 25 years they won two World Series, and was the most constant winners in the MLB.