Bethany Hamilton

A True Inspiration

Strong, Powerful, Beautiful

Pivotal Moments:
  1. On Wednesday, October 31st, Bethany was surfing is Pauaeaka Hawaii. A fifteen foot tiger shark bit off her left arm almost up to the armpit. She was rushed to the hospital and had immediate surgery. She stayed in the hospital for almost 2 weeks!!! It is a miracle that Bethany survived!
  2. Bethany was offered a fake arm. It would look like a real arm but she would not be able to surf with it. She declined the offer and said that surfing is her life and that she was not going to let her accident prevent her from doing what she loves. Bethany also explained that she does not need something to cover up what happened to her. She wants to be who she is and show that to the world.
  3. Next, Bethany Hamilton decided that she was going to start to come back to her old life before the attack. She wanted to spend time with her friends, surf on a daily basis, and participate in surf competitions regularly. This was really hard to do; Bethany gave a popular quote at this time, “ I don’t need easy, I just need possible.” She came back to competitions but it took a lot of work for her to alter the way she did everything.
  4. Bethany Hamilton had become a celebrity! She began to travel all over the USA to do interviews and meet fans. She went to multiple famous shows like the Ellen and Oprah shows. Instead of living in LA, she always returned to Hawaii to spend time with her friends and family. Bethany was famous and revived multiple letters from fans. These would be about a number of topics like faith, friends, family life and of course surfing. Bethany's whole life turned around and she was now an inspirational role model.
  5. Bethany had stopped being just a surfer or a shark attack survivor, she turned into a leader and showed people how much she can do and how she is just as talented as somebody with 2 arms. She gave many speeches about how to push through the barrier of judgment and never let it prevent you from doing what you love. She journeyed all over to talk and do special presentations. She attended Teen Choice Awards, Halo special.
  6. Bethany also threw out the ceremonial first pitch in the Oakland Athletics versus Texas Rangers Opening Day Game. This was very special because even though Bethany didn't get famous for baseball it has the same image and message. It does not matter what happend in your past or what is predicted in your future. It matters what you can do now.
But the story isn't over yet, Bethany is still inspiring hearts and surfing like never before. She is still doing what she loves and showing what she can do to the world!

She continues to amaze

Still Inspiring

Why We remember Bethany:

This young woman has managed to change the world with her story and life views. She is young yet strong, and her perseverance is inspiring. Bethany Hamilton was able to move on from her troubles and embrace her differences. What is the most amazing, is the fact that she is standing up and is so outspoken and proud of her faith. She is capable of doing so much and being such an inspiration to so many. Bethany receives multiple "fan" letters on a regular basis. So many look up to her for, surfing, life, perspectives, and faith advice. Even to somebody who is not a surfer, Bethany is still an inspiration for so many other things such as life views and being proud of who you are. Bethany Hamilton continues to inspire and touch so many hearts.

A Stunning Ambition

Her Impact:

Bethany was able to prove that difference doesn't mean weakness. She is brave and proud of the way she is, and is ready to show the world what she can do. Bethany is most known for her perspectives. She sees life always from the point of view that the glass is always half full instead of half empty. Her positive views are amazing. Many people admire the way she lives her life. Bethany Hamilton and her stunning ambition are amazing.

As an Author

In my own words, Bethany Hamilton is a miracle on earth. Her life has changed the way I look at everything. When I think of this young lady, I think of strong, powerful, loud, proud and warm hearted. I am very impressed with Bethany and am very excited to see what she does next. She has taught me and many others how to persevere and gain confidence and share that confidence and positivity with everyone. around you Bethany 's radient personality is clear to everyone in it's path. I hope that others like Hamilton will stand up and make a real difference in the worlds vantage point on these people and ideas.