The Summer Before Boys

by: Nora Raleigh Baskin


Summer, 2004, next to a hotel and a huge forest with a hiking trail.


Julia, a seventh grade girl. Eliza, Julia's best friend. Michael, Eliza's enemy & Julia's crush. Aunt Louisa, Julia's sister and Eliza's mom. Uncle Bruce,


Always be true to yourself and never let your best friend go.


Julia's mom has gone off to Iraq for the National Guard and might not survive.


Julia's mom goes off to Iraq for the National Guard and leaves Julia with her best friend Eliza over the summer. Julia meets Michael and drags Eliza to places to try and run into Michael. Julia abandons Eliza to go somewhere with Micheal and Eliza get lost. Julia and Michael find Eliza. Julia's mom comes back unhurt.


I liked this book because I like friendships and this book was about friendships.