C'mon, mon, it's Jamaica

Where is it?

It's an island located south of Cuba and west of Mexico.

What's the weather like?

It rains a lot during the year, but it's also sunny, hot, and humid.


Jamaica is very tropical with a lot of rain and rain forests.

Physical Features?

Jamaica has the Blue Mountains and Kingston harbor as a few of its features.

What's the Language in Jamaica?

Jamaicans speak English-African Creole, known as Jamaican Patois.


Don't do drugs in Jamaica, it's frowned upon. Everyone helps to raise the children, not just the parents. It's expected that children receive a formal education. Make sure that you use eye contact when speaking to someone.


When you're meeting someone for the first time, being overly friendly isn't good. Homosexuality is illegal. Sitting down before being invited is a taboo.


Rastafarians, which look into the old African and bring them into modern culture. Hippies, that speaks for itself.

Culture Change?

The culture of Jamaica is become more accepting of homosexuality.