I would like to share the story of a crazy girl and a crazy boy...

It all started back on a summer day in the year 2007 at a Taco Bell in the Chesterfield Valley. She was wearing war paint and a bandanna and a raspy voice. He had parked side ways at the front of the lot and was doing the Soulja Boy with a kid in line. Their eyes met. And so it began...

"Just Friends"

Back in the day, there was this thing called AIM...

He was brad8787 she was apinkaholic246. They stayed up till 3am chatting. Everything from tennis matches to procrastinating about school work. They poked fun at each other. "Loser" was used quite frequently.

Jenna Kinsinger's House. They talked a little. Sat by the fire.

He went to a mixer with techno bubbles. She was too shy to talk to him.
He went to Hawaii with his family. She went to Gatlinburg with her family. They talked the entire time. Mainly about bears.
He went to Senior Citizen Prom. She brought her little brother. She was shy. Didn't know if he wanted to talk to her.
He brought his twin to meet her and her twin for ice cream. The blondes bubbly chatted about their vacation bible school activities. He thought North County was 10 minutes from the Valley.
She had been seeing a guy. He continued to talk to her. Her mom could see how she smiled when she received a text from him.
Their mutual friends asked if they were dating. She was shy. She really liked him.
She just broke up with her dumb Georgia boyfriend. He wanted to go to her prom with her. She reluctantly turned him down and went by herself.
They started talking more. Random ice cream dates, late night texting, movies off of Olive.

June 5, 2009

First kiss. She was nervous. He leaned her up against the sky blue Honda Civic, appropriately named "Rhonda", they bumped teeth. Soft and sweet. They both smiled. He threw her shoe in a tree. He lifted her up to grab it.

Tennis matches, picnic dates, ice cream, movie nights and snuggle sessions.

They were in love. They didn't want it to end. With school lingering on the horizon, they decided that their love was stronger than any distance.

She's a sorority girl

He would move mountains for her

Sweet Sophomores

Girl on the move

She may have left the country, but she left her heart with him.
The Fray - How to Save a Life
They Skyped, sent packages, wrote letters, shared their love virtually to keep their love blossoming across the sea.

Why be alone when we can be together?

You can make my life worthwhile

And I can make you start to smile :)

Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You
Brad Paisley - She's Everything
They left their hearts in Europe, in hopes to someday to return.

They visited, they called, they emailed, they stayed in touch.

They were reunited again :)

They grew up a little...