Arid Climates

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Arid areas

YEARLY PRECIPITATION: An area is considered arid when the area receives very little rain per year. In some places they get no more than 250 mm a year. The area is too dry to sustain plant and animal life of certain types and species.

CLIMATE LOCATION: Most of the arid areas are around the equator, where the sun hits the area directly all year round. The latitude of these areas are between 23.5 degrees north and south. They are also in what is called the tropical zone.

More facts

SEASONS AND TEMPERATURE RANGES: Arid climates don't really have certain seasons. For example the Sahara Desert is always hot and dry. But, some places do have changes in temperature do to the surrounding areas climate and latitude. So, really there are basically two seasons, summer and winter. During the summer season the temperatures can reach as high is 130 degrees, and as low as negative 30 degrees in the winter season.

FACTORS AFFECTING CLIMATE: The reason why the temperature ranges so much is because desert regions are far away from any bodies of water so the air temperature doesn't stay the same for long because of the lack of moisture.