Popper MAN!

A Game from Mandrew Gaming INC

About Popper MAN!

Popper MAN! Is a shooter game where you have to stop the aliens from getting to earth. The shooter is a spaceship at the bottom of the screen and the alien invaders move from side to side at the top. The user has 30 seconds to complete each of the 3 levels. There is a power up that increase the size of the users lazer so it is easier to hit the aliens. It was created on the gaming platform of scratch. With a built in timer and a score it is easy for the user to keep up to track with how the game is going.

Mandrew Gaming INC : The Story

Mandrew Gaming INC started up in January of 2014 and we have created 3 games. Popper MAN!, Splat and Survival Lands and we hope to make many more in the future. Check us out below and be sure to send in feedback of our games and more possible game ideas.