4 Reasons to Go Vegetarian in 2016

Jacqueline Bosco


In 4 reasons to go vegetarian by Shivam Joshi (published January 20, 2016), he discusses four concise reasons to go vegetarian. One point he gave was that vegetarians have a higher metabolism than non-vegetarians. The second point that the author makes is how being vegetarian is actually cheaper. A study showed how vegetarians can save up to $450 annually. The third point made by the author is that the government is finally recognizing how the vegetarian diet is healthier and more environmentally friendly than the typical American diet. The fourth and final point that Joshi makes is that the consumption of processed meats can cause colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer type in America. The author concludes that being a vegetarian has been one of the best decisions of his life.
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The author of this article is a medical doctor. Most of the evidence in the article is either the author's opinion, or if a study is discussed, a citation is inserted. The author always uses proper citations. Since the author is a medical doctor, his advice is medically supported. Not only does the author have a medical opinion, but he is speaking from experience. He states towards the end of the article that he has been a vegetarian for three years.

The source of the article is kevinmd.com, and while the articles on the site are written by a physician, it is still a social media site. Joshi may be writing articles for this site purely for entertainment of the reader. However, even though the site is based on social media, the author does support his claims with studies. The fact that the author is a doctor definitely grabs the attention of the audience, and the public is more likely to read his articles based on the fact that he is a professional.

The information in the article is informative as well as supported. The author uses credible proof and his own professional opinion. Joshi makes some good points about reasons to go vegetarian. The article in its entirety is well written and makes a good case. The conclusion that the author makes is backed up with sufficient evidence. I agree with the statements that the author makes about going vegetarian and I hope the audience agrees, too.


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