Sacred Heart School

Week of June 1st

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As we prepare to send our 8th graders off into a future that they cannot possibly imagine, let us pray that that our students will take their faith in God with them, wherever they may go.


Huge shout out to Ms. K who graciously put together our 2014-2015 yearbook. If you know Ms. K, you know she puts her heart and soul into every project she does! This year's yearbook does not disappoint!

We will sell them for $15 a piece after school. Go ahead and grab your copy soon, as we only have a limited number!

Coming up...

8th Grade Cruise

Wednesday, June 3rd, 6pm

600 Water Street Southwest

Washington, DC

The 8th graders will have their annual Cruise on the Potomac on Wednesday, June 3rd.

8th Grade Luncheon

Sunday, May 31st, 12pm


The 7th grade will host the Annual 8th grade luncheon on Wednesday!

Annual Teacher Reception

Sunday, May 31st, 7pm

1401 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC

The Annual Teacher reception will be on June 4th at the Willard Hotel.

8th Grade Graduation

Friday, June 5th, 10:15am

3211 Sacred Heart Way

Washington, DC

8th Grade Graduation will be held after mass on Friday. Middle school students will stay behind, but all others are welcome to return to school (or stay).

Jogging Club 5K

Saturday, June 6th, 9am

Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

Ms. K's jogging club will run its annual 5K on Saturday. Ask Ms. K if you'd like information on the run!


Thank you to everyone who sent thoughts and prayers to my family last week. We had a difficult week, but its always beautiful to be reminded of the love of family and friends! Special thank you to Ms. Mazzini and Ms. Lobos for holding down the fort while I was away and to all the teachers who covered a class or went out of their way to make sure things ran smoothly! I appreciat eyou.