Their was a hurricane just recently called sandy. It has taken a lot of homes and peoples lives away. Their are a lot of families that are suffering from this hurricane.

Categorizing and naming

Did you know that a hurricane is named with a girl or boy name? They name hurricanes in A,B,C order too. We categorize hurricanes by how much damage or how much it is dangerous for us but hurricanes are mostly categorized by wind speed. The scale that is used to see what category a hurricane is in would be called a wind scale. There are four types of wind speed and they are minimal damage 74-95mph, moderate damage 96-110mph, extensive damage 111-130mph, extreme damage 131-155mph.

Formation and Strength

Have you ever heard of hurricane hunters? They hunt hurricanes to see how strong they are and how much damage they can cause. A hurricane can be so powerful that it can destroy a lot of things. They can form in warm water in the ocean. Hurricanes are formed by the combination of warm water and high or low air pressures. Hurricanes strengthen while in warm waters.

Hurricane Katrina

Some hurricanes can cause extreme damage and affect many lives. Did you know that Hurricane Katrina was a category three when it hit landfall? the hurricane made landfall on the Gulf Coast near New Orleans L.A. Katrina caused at least 1200 deaths. Katrina also created a lot of damage and it took about $13.7 million to repair damages. Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, Missouri, and Alabama.
It's very important to know what to do when you're in danger of a hurricane. Hurricanes are a destruction part of nature that can cause deaths and destroy things like houses. You would need a radio so you can hear what the hurricane is doing when in a cellar or on the road or something like that. Just make sure you're safe and calm if your still in your house and the hurricane is right next to you're house. I know how scary it is to be in a hurricane because i myself has been in hurricane Katrina.