Learning Behind the Camera

with Karen Wright-Balbier and Julie Rivas-Lopez (KB&J)

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The camera is one of the most versatile and valuable tools on the iPad. When smashed with other apps, your students can take their projects to the next level. In this session, you will create examples of products your students can do in your classroom this school year.

The Rule of Thirds

When you or your students begin to use the camera more in your classroom, you may want to think about the composition of the pictures being taken. Many times we tend to center the object that we are photographing. One easy way to improve photos is to apply the rules of thirds. This means that you divide your screen into a 9 square grid. This is something that can be done while taking a picture or it can be applied by editing. Here is a video that my be able to explain the rule a little more clearly.

Digital Scavenger Hunts

Going on a digital scavenger hunt is a great way to have students look for real examples of what they are learning about in the classroom and share their knowledge.

1. Have a topic (tips: check list or notebook)
2. Establish Rules, Time Frames, Off limit places
3. Group or Pair Students
4. Go on a hunt together to model behavior (digital citizenship)
5. Celebrate what you have learned by sharing work.
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Paper Camera

Paper Camera is a free app that allows the user to bring in photos or take photos and videos. Paper Camera has many filters to choose from that can bring a whole new, stylish look to classroom photography.


Skitch is a free app that can be used to add text, arrows, pixelate, draw, and shapes. Use this app to have students share their understanding on top of a photo.


Pic Collage allows you to take images from your device or from the built-in web search. Video from Youtube, stickers, text and backgrounds can be incorporated. It will save as an image or a link can be generated to view attached videos.


Thinglink is both a web-based resource and an app. It can be used to make a photo that you have taken interactive. It would be great for students to compile information they have researched for your class.