Gr7 Book Kit 19.20

Social Action #EmpathyMatters

Hello ELA7 Teachers! I created a book Kit of Social Action for this year, rather than hosting a Battle of the Book.

My hope: get kids excited about reading books! How? By offering them choices of solid novels about a theme that connects to their lives and learning. Invite kids to talk about great stories! Ask them which books they like best and why? Prompt kids to talk up books to other kids!

There are at least 5 copies of each book. One teacher could use the kit for a month and then swap. This book kit will explore issues of discrimination, immigration, child labor, climate change and race relations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check these out from the library? All of the books are checked out to you for 4-5 weeks. This is so that all teachers can use them, if they'd like.

How do I check them out to kids? On each book there is a Book Kit number. Use a class roster to write down the number each student decided to use.

Will students be charged for lost or damaged books? Yes. When they use the book, they are assuming responsibility of if (like any other library book). We will use the Book Kit number to assess fines.

How would you recommend that I use them? Book Kits are great to use in formal and informal ways. Here a few resources to inspire your thinking:

Would you be willing to co-plan this reading workshop with me? Yes! If you'd like to use some time to plan how to use the Book Kit with your students, I'd love to do that with you. We could craft learning targets, create schedules, determine assessments... and more!