Black Holes

By: David Jefferis

What Is A Black Hole

A Black Hole is a object in space with gravity so strong that light cannot escape from it. This lack of light makes the Black Hole invisible in space. What happens to form a Black hole is that when they're is a star in the sky sometimes the core of the star can collapse and then it will eventually explode.

How does the Black Hole form in space

The Black Hole forms by the following. 1. A star glows steadily for billions of years, using hydrogen as fuel in a burning process called Nuclear Fusion. 2. As the star ages it starts to expand in size. 3. Eventually the star collapses when all the fuel was used up. 4. the core keeps getting smaller and denser until it forms a Black Hole. This is how the Black Hole forms.

How can scientists capture or find Black Holes

Some scientists in the world have telescopes that go up in space that can take pictures of the glazing and most gorgeous stars out there. The way they get to see and capture black holes is that they send the massive telescopes into space and see what it is capturing and recording. some times they can get lucky and find these amazing, glowing, and awesome Black Holes in space and see the stages it goes through.